Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here's a quick shout out to the man of my dreams....

And the wonderful Father of my children... aren't we LUCKY?

Happy Father's Day!


stalker sarah said...

First of all.....have I told you HOW STINKIN' CUTE YOU ARE lately? I think I have. But anyway.....you guys are such a fun couple. And second of all....I L-O-V-E that clock!!!!! :)

Photo Crazy! said...

You are the cutest couple! Happy b-day to your baby! They grow up too fast! Did you know that we are Cedar Valley Family Dentistry? Fun that we are both Cedar! Love the new office, it is beautiful!

*A* said...

like I always say...BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! They are lucky to have you too ya know:-)

Bren + Lucy said...

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